What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality?

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In this article, we will briefly explain this new technology!

Add something extra to reality.

We reassure you right away. This article is not going to be a boring explanation on this technology but a small description for people who don’t know what is it!

To make it simple and as its name suggests, Augmented Reality allows you to add different elements, from 2D picture, 3D and videos to reality. The only limit is going to be the imagination and your budget.

Now that you have defined your elements to appear, we must determine where! You will have the choice between your different supports (business cards, flyer, roll up, etc.) or a flat surface.

Why choose it?

Using augmented reality has several benefits. This makes it possible to take advantage of new innovative and effective technologies as well as to preserve the environment (no need for additional printing to present your services for example).

Paper supports are limited by nature (provided they create a large number), they become unlimited thanks to this technology.
For example, promote your products interactively with support no bigger than a business card.

And good news: No need to reprint all of your media! They will be compatible!

If by chance you have one of our media (read: AR Ready – Augmented Reality in the KARTS), don’t hesitate to download the Kikaku AR app!

We are here if you have questions or to request a quote!

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